Montage of handles for BMW and Toyota

This single-purpose machine is used for automatic assembling and lubrication of door handles for BMW and Toyota cars. It is designed for two operators who can work independently at the same time on the left or right version of the handle. The advantage of the device is the speed of montage, and it is designed so that no replacement of components is required for different versions of montage. All inserted components are checked for correct version and montage. Each part is marked with a tip for possible inspection.

Installation of air conditioning drives

This machine is used for complete installation of air conditioning drives for cars. In the right part of the machine is running montage the engine with control and cover. After this process is finished, screwing takes place, where the correctness of screwing is evaluated immediately. Subsequently, the process is moving into the left part of the machine, where the controlled pressing of the plastic turbine on the motor shaft takes place with the help of the servo drive and strain gauge. The entire pressing process is shown on the graph. After correct pressing, a label with the version and pressing force data is printed. The device also contains a QR code reader for the correct resolution of the inserted components. Up to 7 types of drives can be mounted on the device.

Filling and packaging line

This filling and packaging line was completely designed and implemented for filling and packaging of the product in the food segment. The line contained three inlets – for a bottle, lid and filler. The achieved continuous cycle of the line was 100 pcs of filled and closed bottles in 1 minute. The line was able to correctly orient and move the input material flow to the desired position at a high beat. The line contained a myriad of input variables that needed to be fine-tuned in terms of software and mechanics. In this case, our experience played a significant role in the implementation of the line.

Automation of a part of the assembly line

Based on the client’s request, we automated the existing assembly line in order to increase the timing and stability of the production process. The automation consisted of adding a 2-axis manipulator and an ABB robot plus additional equipment. Also, some parts of the line have been redesigned to allow full automation. We have added new security systems as well as software modifications. Several other production parts on the assembly line were also modernized.

Robotic cell for drilling and milling of plastic parts

The robotic cell was designed for drilling and milling plastic products for the automotive industry. The cell had to handle it at a high rate as it could handle up to 14 different plastic products. The cell replaced 3 workers who did this work in a two-shift operation. We help to save the client considerable production costs thanks to the application of this robotic cell.


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