Products and services

Single-purpose machines

Our designed single-purpose machines resolve complex and special customer requirements. Years of experience allow us to design and manufacture single-purpose machines that create comprehensive solutions for various industries.

Robotic cells (industrial and collaborative robots)

We design applications that require the integration of a robotic arm either within the production process of the production line or as a separate robotic cell with one or more robots. Our portfolio is focused on both industrial and collaborative robots. We can adapt to the requirements of the type of robot that the customer prefers in their production.

Complete lines and transport systems

We design and manufacture complete lines or transport systems of various types, which are implemented primarily based on customer needs. We integrate state-of-the-art systems within mechanical or software components into line design. It is up to you to choose the solution that best suits your production needs.

Vizuálna kontrola kvality

Vision systems for Quality control

Using modern camera and software systems, we can evaluate the status of any of your products and production processes in real time. We can also connect vision systems with robotic ones, either for sorting or storing products. We can program direct connection between the robot and the camera too, to evaluate various surface defects in various places on the product.

Development of our own patented solutions

We are striving to find the most suitable solution for each customer. Through many years of experience using modern technology, we have developed our own equipment for the application of metal clips in plastic parts for the automotive segment. Since our customers did not find a partner who could solve their problem with the application of metal clips, they approached us. We started our own development of equipment that can meet this requirement. The result is a patented clipping machine, the aim of which is to make the assembly of metal clips into plastic parts more efficient and faster. We have developed two variants – as a manual where an operator is needed who performs the application of clips or as an automated device using a collaborative or industrial robot.

Any company that deals with clipping plastic parts can use the equipment to streamline their processes and thus save the costs.

  • 1. With manual clip integration system (operator, clip gun)
  • 2. With automatic clip integration system (robot, clip gun)
cnc (1)

Our own metal production – CNC 3 axes machining center LEADWELL V42A

Our goal has always been to have our own metal production facility so that we can easily arrange the agreed dates with our customers. We can also respond flexibly to customer requirements if necessary to modify components. Our CNC machining center is a great benefit for us because we can reduce the cost of manufacturing our products.